March 12, 2019 Devotion

As we approach the Golden Age, I am reminded of the words of sage Veda Vyasa after the battle of Mahabharata “Each time a warrior was either injured or killed in the battlefield it was actually Lord Krishna who got injured or killed”. It was his Leela or Divine Play to give the world a lesson in Dharma (righteousness). So, basically Krishna killed Krishna to gives us understanding of Satya (truth) and Dharma.

The subsequent curse by Gandhari, the wife of Darithrashtra, to Lord Krishna was equally the Divine Play to bring curtains down on another scene and change of actors.

And so on… the Divine Play or the Drama of Life continues till perpetuity until the lesson is learnt by every human being. Then, the Divine Play starts all over again, a new series shall we say.

Coming to the present moment, it’s just another time, another scene, different actors and dresses. The lesson of Satya and Dharma remain unlearnt. The actors haven’t realised that it’s just a divine sport and that they are all manifestations of the playful Krishna.

But, the good news is that we are close to the start of a new series. This means that time for truth and righteousness to prevail is fast approaching.

The scenes are about to change and the theme of love – selfless love is about to be introduced in the Divine Drama of Life.

Forgiveness will overcome the feeling of retribution and revenge. Non-violence shall prevail as the understanding of oneness of creation has already been scripted by the Divine Director.

Rejoice! my fellow Krishna’s, join me in welcoming the new Golden Age with hearts full of love for all your fellow actors on this beautiful stage called planet Earth. In the ensuing scenes, unflinchingly follow the path of truth and righteousness shall naturally prevail.

Be the harbinger of Love and Light. Remember it’s only a Drama. Don’t get serious. Enjoy every moment.

Play your part perfectly O’ Krishna. I salute the Krishna in you and wish you golden moments ahead.

Love, Truth and Krishna consciousness,

Vikas Varma

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