Experiencing Oneness

16 March 2019 Devotion eternallove Sanathana Vani Vikas Varma

The One exists as many. The source is one but the manifestations are many. The externality varies but the ‘internality’ is same. The body varies but the consciousness is one. The name and form varies but the essence is one and the same.

What varies is temporary, impermanent and unreal. What is one and remains the same under all conditions is the real, permanent and changeless.

The impermanent is perceived by the five senses and the permanent is experienced within. The five senses require education and training to identify, recognise and understand all that is external and as such impermanent. On the other hand, the permanent or changeless is experienced naturally, effortlessly and spontaneously.

What comes in the way of this experience is the conditioning and training of the mind over numerous lifetimes. What is required is childlike innocence and spontaneity to experience the reality of oneness of creation.

When the self experiences oneness of consciousness everything starts happening by itself. The spontaneity is magical. Manifestations happen at the level of thoughts.

When life becomes an effortless flow know that the self is experiencing oneness. Know that the individual mind has merged with the divine consciousness. All judgement and negativity gets replaced by compassion, forgiveness and love. Know that you have entered the Kingdom of God. Call it the Golden Age or the 5th or 7th dimension or simply call it Home.

I invite you all to experience this oneness.
Love, Light and Oneness,

Vikas Varma