Entry Ticket to Golden Age

8 March 2019 Devotion eternallove Sanathana Vani Vikas Varma

“Vinasha Kale Vipareetha Buddhi” – Bhagvad Geeta (when time of destruction comes man’s intellect misleads it)

The time has come for the issue of right and wrong to be resolved once and for all. The day of reckoning is near. Everything else has been a build up to this moment. The lesson of dharma in the Kaliyuga shall be enacted again so that it can be taught to successive generations.

This is how life on this planet is lived. When Free Will continues to blaze a ruinous path then Divine Will intervenes to restore the original settings.
The default or original setting of creation and mankind is love. Love not as we understand or experience in the present times but love that is pure and selfless.

In today’s times love is based on body consciousness and attachments. Love has become selfish and tainted. It has become the cause of man’s ruination.

On the other hand, selfless love is based on self-sacrifice.
Such pure love can prevail only when humanity experiences oneness of creation. That all of mankind and every living being is interconnected and part of the same unitary consciousness. When no feelings of jealousy, superiority or inferiority exists. When everyone and everything is seen as the manifestation of that one divine consciousness.

Unfortunately, our past has taught us that only pain and suffering brings us together. Differences disappear in adversity and we come closer. The power equation vanishes and all superiority gets neutralised.

We stand on the threshold of a time of great change. When life on this planet is about to change forever. But, first a period of turmoil and devastation awaits. Be courageous and know that this too shall pass. Be a witness and know that its a price that we must pay for everlasting love and oneness to prevail. It is the entry ticket to the Golden Age of Love.

For LOVE is all there is and shall ever BE.

Love, Light and Witness,
Vikas Varma