18 March 2018 Sanathana Vani

It’s said in the great scriptures of India “EKHAM SATH VIPRAHA BAHUDHA VADHANTHI”. This aphorism proclaims that the Truth is one, but the wise call it by many names. Even religions like Islam, Christianity, Sikhism and Buddhism stress on the same truth in their scriptural incantations. A great Telugu poet of India, Tallapaka Annamacharya also expounds “BRAHMAM OKATE” which means only truth exists. American humourist Mark Twain says that Truth is stranger than fiction. So, one might begin to think what might be the strange truth which all the major religions are talking about? What is this truth which Tallapaka Annamacharya speaks of? What is this truth which is prevailing the entire universe?

The theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking would exclaim “I am just a child who has never grown up. I still keep asking these ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions. Occasionally, I find an answer”.

In such journey of pursuing truth many Scientists, Philosophers, Philanthropists, Artisans, Prophets and Thinkers have come up with various versions of the same truth.

One might be enticed to the version of the Truth presented by the Leftists like Karl Marx, Lenin and Mao Tse Tung. One might be tempted by the visual horripilation of the Nolan Brothers, or one might be conjured by the verbatomy of William Shakespeare and William Wordsworth. One may even be tempted by the novice technological breakthroughs of Zukerberg, Elon Musk or be inclined to the Vedanthic Impulses of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. One could  be health conscious, foodie or immersed in the  mellifluous melodies of music. All these various versions of truth are so vast and abundant that one may get  lost in framing them  under one package.

Is there any means to know these eternal truths on one platform? Can the collaborations happen among the various organisations to expound this eternal message? Can the bonanza of joy be experienced by perceiving the Universality of these snippets of wisdom?

The answer is Sanathana Vani, The Voice Eternal

The modern era has entangled human engagements with the interface of bizarre Technology. Internet has penetrated itself into the length and breadth of the world connecting each of us in a virtual domain. This has enabled the dissemination of knowledge reach into the neglected sections of the society. In this background of technical connectivity Sanathana Vani, The Voice Eternal brings the blend of ancient truth and the modern wisdom under one package.

Sanathana Vani is multilingual, multiregional, multifaith, multinational and transformational free internet radio station. It is the go to radio station for experiencing optimism and to rejuvenate ourselves in an easier way. It has dedicated segments and caters to  children, young adults and people from  all walks of life. It has a unique show exclusive just for the teens.


Sanathana Vani is not just another regular radio present in the world. But It’s a unique radio transmuting wisdom of  knowledge from information to transformation. It’s a quiescent platform where we can access positive messages from all the corners of the world. Today our generation is struck with innumerable dilemmas, doubts and nexus points. We are unaware of choosing the right track to meet our destinies. Our Youth, children and people need the pedagogy which is more tangible, easily accessible and most importantly the mentoring part of practice. Sanathana Vani is the right platform which provides the eternal message of the yore interfaced with practical feasibility. From simpler concepts to the complex ones, Sanathana Vani is the Go To Radio Station.

In the  world today, there are tons of books on how to  lead life peacefully. It’s not possible to read all these manuscripts and start applying them in our day to day life. We need proper Mentoring to mend our ways and to end our shortcomings. Sanathana Vani provides the complete package catering to all our needs and rectifying all our deeds. If you wish to keep yourselves fit and healthy, tune to Sanathana Vani Radio which provides the effective way of training the body. Do you want to be stress free, or end depression without taking pills? If you wish to be in the state of bliss then tune yourself to Sanathana Vani’s shows on Practical Guided Meditations and Therapy lessons. Are you fond of music? Do you want  to acquire mastery over wide range of musical instruments? Plug in your earbuds  to transpose yourselves  into a different realm of music ranging from  Carnatic, Classical, Western and a blend of various musical cultures performed by International Musicians from across the globe. If you are voracious reader, and wish to analyse the essence of books by varied  authors, tune yourself to The Voice Eternal to get  acquaint to the  words of wisdom and broaden your horizon of thinking. Are you are lover of Vedanta, or  fond of comparing the versions of various leaders and philosophers, then tune yourself to The Voice Eternal to fathom the Vedanthic Impulses from Iskcon, Chinmaya Mission, Ramakrishna Mission and many Spiritual organisations. Sanathana Vani is the purveyor of Practical Spirituality.

You may be travelling, working in office, spending time at  home or may just be located in a remote corner of the world, Sanathana Vani is the way to connect back to your potential self.

THE VOICE ETERNAL IN ACTION, Sanathana Vani presently has more than 1.3 million unique listeners across 190 countries transmitting 365 days, 24 hours and 7 days a week. Following are the promos of the various segments aired on Sanathana Vani:-

Eonia Foni (Eternal Voice) – In Greek from Greece

A Brazilian Show

Semillas de Amor(Seeds of Love) – in Spanish from Argentina

Gifts from Within – A featured programme by Malaysia


InspireFM – In English from Singapore

Journey to Oneness Promo Australia

Growing to be God – A teenager’s special on Sanathana Vani India

Sanathana Vani has also collaborated with the Annapoorna Breakfast Service trust and the Nagarjuna College of Engineering & Technology in taking innovation of education to the doorsteps of rural school going children. It assists the rural schools of India with creative part of teaching through technology and modern means of communication.

Here is the YouTube Link of it’s recent engagement with the Engineering Students on  implementing the Integrated Rural Development Program.


Just as the Rainbow which is a natural wonder and so fascinating. It enthrals and mesmerises the recipients with it’s combination of different colours on the single sub stratum. Similarly,  Sanathana Vani is a wonder of “Eternal Optimism”, Like different colours of the Rainbow Sanathana Vani too would be transforming itself into unique streams dedicated for children, women, Youth, Elderly and working professionals transmitting 24 hours  steering each age group specifically. In Future, from fewer languages it would broadcast in all the popular languages of the world.

Sanathana Vani would expand its branches in the major parts of the world, each branch being unique and singularly potential to change the phase of that particular region. It’s the only place where creativity meets its galactic impact. The intellectual enjoyment which you derive thereby making drastic impact through this process is indescribable. It can be only experienced not explained.


Sanathana Vani also presents a unique opportunity to harness individual’s strengths of passion by investingin this transformational radio. If any individual is passionate about  transforming the world through this powerful means of spreading positivity and love, Sanathana Vani is the place for it. Sanathana Vani is looking forward in recruiting full time professionals/volunteers in the following categories

1: – Radio DJ’ing

2: – Mixing

3: – Composing Music

4: – Editing

5: – Promoting

6: – Interviewing

7: – Designing

8: -Writing Content

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Here is a great opportunity presented by the Universe to re energise ourselves and also to be part of a global wave of change by listening, Volunteering and tuning into   SANATHANA VANI, THE VOICE ETERNAL.

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Written By,

Bhupal Chidambar

Volunteer – Sanathana Vani