3 February 2020 Sanathana Vani

Quiz on Devotion

How can we connect with our Divinity? By observing the ways & words of those who translated their sweet devotion into selfless action. And then what happens? What happens is an Ascension to our own Divinity. Yes, not a mere Connection to Divinity. Sadhguru Sri Madhusudan Sai is one such Ascended Master living amidst us, guiding us by drawing from His own journey.

As Sadhguru Sri Madhusudan Sai lovingly explains what is devotion:
“When you believe, “This is my mother,” you develop love for her. When you believe, “This is my father,” you develop love for him. When you believe that someone is your friend, you develop love for that friend. The same way, when you believe there is a God who is for you, doing so much without your asking and without even telling you, then you automatically develop love. This love for God alone is devotion. Various kinds of love exist, such as vatsalya, or a mother’s love for her child; snehitam, or love between friends, which you call friendship; there is bandhavyam, or love between brothers or brotherhood. Similarly, love for God is devotion. It is as simple as that.”

This week’s quiz is on this beautiful, gratifying feeling of Devotion.
The quiz questions are drawn from the February 17th, 2019 and November 17th, 2019 Divine Discourses, with links to the videos down below. Listen to these Discourses & fill yourselves with this blissful love for God before attempting the quiz.

Answer the questions by clicking on the option buttons or by filling in the missing words.
Fill and Feel Devotion in every moment of our lives.

1. “When things are favourable, you are succeeding, you are being praised, you are being adored and respected, it is very easy to be happy because everything is very, very favourable and according to your likes. But when things turn the opposite way and there is no more success, it is no more praise, people are blaming you, people are ridiculing you, how can you be happy even in that situation is the question that you must ask.”

What is the one quality that allows for permanent happiness?

2. “Good company is God’s company. Seek out the company of noble people, of devoted people so that your thoughts of devotion and nobility do not get affected by the wrong company.”

Which is the best company for one to be in?

3. “Of all the relationships that exist in this world, the most beautiful, the most sacred, the most redeeming relationship is this relationship ________________________.”

4. “Truly God needs nothing. He has everything. The only thing that He craves for is the love of the devotee. His hands are always this way; giving and giving and giving. Only time He turns His palm the other way to receive is when He wants to receive the love of devotees.”

“If you come to ask God, you don’t know whether God will come and give because we don’t know what we are asking is it right or wrong, but if you _____________, God will come running to you.”

5. “This is the ultimate undisputed law that wherever Krishna and Arjuna are there, Krishna to guide and Arjuna to follow, that is where there is success, fame, abundance. This is undisputed, unchangeable law of the universe. It was valid then, it is valid now, it will be valid a thousand years also from here. You are all My students, devotees, all are the Arjunas of these times. I know you all have your own battles to fight. But at the same time, you are ready to follow what Swami says. Today is a very happy day for Me because I have heard the sweetest word that I love to hear every time. Do you know what is that word which I love to hear?”

What is this word of devotion that brings so much joy to the Lord?