Now is ALL that Matters

24 March 2019 Devotion eternallove Sanathana Vani Vikas Varma

As you understand the impermanence of life and acknowledge the illusory nature of this world your detachment to the things and relationships of the world grows.

You stop reacting to the events and situations around you. The realisation dawns that you are able to observe these events and at the same time participate in them. You become more acutely aware of your own vulnerability and human frailties. You become more sensitive to your responses and other’s reactions.

You find yourself more and more present and alert. The unconscious and automatic responses get replaced by conscious awareness. This state of being present and aware at all times is transformative.

You experience and realise that the Present moment is ALL that matters. The past and the future loosen their grip on you. You realise that all the anxiety inducing stakes were created by mind. Fear and anxiety give way to peace and joy. Life becomes a game.

Your awareness keeps you in an exalted state of consciousness. The result is bliss, constant and uninterrupted bliss. “This bliss providing awareness is the Vedantic truth referred to as Sat-Chit-Anand, the ultimate goal of all spiritual practices. And this awareness is the highest form of meditation.”

Yes, Now is ALL that matters!

Love, Light and Gratitude,

Vikas Varma