Human Excellence

30 March 2019 Devotion Sanathana Vani Vikas Varma

Man has been in pursuit of human excellence since time immemorial. Since, the pursuit has been largely focused towards fullfilment of desires (kama) and acquiring wealth (Artha) it gave rise to a lopsided society. Highly technologically advanced and yet almost on the brink of extinction. History warns us of such similar episodes with highly advanced civilizations in the past. I am sure none of them expected such turn of events.

The genesis of the problem lies in our ignorance and incorrect understanding. As long as human pursuit for excellence is driven by fear, greed or recognition it’s bound to create a system that one day fails under the weight of its own ingenuity.

Human excellence is akin to perfection. It’s a state of being. It can never be achieved through external motivation. It is not a skill that can be acquired externally. Human excellence cannot be selective. It cannot be limited by purpose, circumstances, place or people.

It is an inner prompting that naturally unfolds and blooms like a lotus flower. It’s the blossoming of human consciousness. It is an expanded state of awareness that spontaneously produces excellence in results, every time.

It stems from right understanding and experiencing the truth of the Self. Human Excellence is the end result of the experience of the innate human divinity. Once the state is achieved then it’s like a gushing river that flows perennially.

The time has arrived when the human consciousness shall ascend and recognise that God is not external. Human excellence and perfection are but mere synonyms of godliness.

Live for the pleasure of the Lord of Divinity within. Offer every action as a sacred oblation to the Self and witness the greatest transformation of human evolution.

Love, Light and Transformation,

Vikas Varma