God and Devotee

21 February 2019 Devotion eternallove Sanathana Vani Vikas Varma

As I witness each day the Leela’s (sport) of God I am filled with awe, wonder and humility at the love that exists between God and his devotees. Pure amrita or nectar flows when the seeker and the sought come together.

It is true that God exists for the devotees. He comes only to fulfill the yearning of his loved ones. Each one is incomplete without the other. God is the magnet that attracts and the devotee finds itself magically drawn to the pull of divine love.

There is no mind in this sacred gathering of love. Only the heart prevails. The language of the heart is experienced by One and All. All eyes become misty, tears of joy flow and sagging spirits soar.

So pure is the love of God for his devotees that the devotee forgets everything other than being in the presence of the Divine Master. It’s like the love between Krishna and the Gopis. The attraction is instant and soon becomes a constant connection.

A magical change occurs when God becomes the centre of ones life. The direction of devotees desires change and they start seeking nearness to God. The worldly desires melt away. This earnest seeking is devotion. For devotee is the one who is devoted to God and God alone.

And God takes care of all his devoted children. He fulfills all their desires. He grants them strength, intellect and wisdom just as he did for Hanuman.

The strength to undertake tasks for the goodness of society. The intellect to discriminate between right and wrong. And the wisdom to realise that goodness is godliness.

As such the journey to goodness or godliness begins. The devoted experiences the presence of the lord within. The inner light continues to guard and guide. And the story of Divine Love between God and his Devotees is once again played out for awakening the human consciousness.

On this sacred day, experience the Divine Love and Light within and make your life blissful. May you all participate in the Religion of Love.

Gratitude to the Divine Master. Love and light always 🙏

Vikas Varma