Go for it Now

Go for It NOW

7 April 2019 Sanathana Vani Vikas Varma

The journey of the soul in a body is to AGEAdapt, Grow and Evolve till the final goal is reached. It is a slow process of evolution from the lower levels of consciousness to higher levels of consciousness. From lower forms to higher forms, the human form being the highest form.

Even in human form the consciousness develops slowly. It has a lot to do with the prevailing levels of light or dark energy on the planet or the times in which one is born. This dictates the speed of growth.

For example, in Kaliyuga the general level of consciousness is extremely low due to the overwhelming influence of rampant negative energies accounting for the painfully slow speed of growth. Thus, due to the influence of prevailing times one remains attracted and attached to material aspects and the lower consciousness doesn’t allow man to seek the higher aspects of human life. This entrapment is the handiwork of Maya that continuously spins a web of illusion around us. It is also referred to as the Unreal World.

In such a deluded state of consciousness man does not even seek to know the goal of life. Therefore, the quintessential question eludes man’s consciousness until the time of awakening has come.

Now knowing is one thing and doing something about it is an entirely different ball game. To achieve anything requires willpower and effort. It requires dedication, relentless pursuit and dogged determination.

The conditioned mind creates roadblocks and barriers. We make excuses like too little time left from work to devote on self, tough times can’t think of myself, this is not the only thing to be done, lack of financial security, etc. The ignorance about the Self and the inflated ego come in the way of realising that there can be nothing more important and urgent than achieving this goal.

One of the biggest traps of ego is of giving advice to others. Even if we have the time and resources we want to fill up our time by commenting on others. How can we help, guide and coach others without helping, guiding and coaching ourselves first? Are we so scared or guilty of devoting time on our own Selves?

The answers to deal with this endless list of excuses is in acquiring Gyana or wisdom. Ignorance can be removed and ego can be befriended with wisdom.

Get Real and come out of the delusion of the Unreal. Trust the Universal Consciousness and surrender to it. Discover and reclaim your innate divinity. The Time is NOW!

And stop not till the goal is achieved!

In eternal gratitude I remain,

Love, Light and Determination,

Vikas Varma

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