Freewill and Destiny

27 March 2019 Devotion eternallove Sanathana Vani Vikas Varma

The wheels of time keep turning and the scenes of the drama of life keep changing. Unexplained and sudden events, whether good, bad or ugly, keep shaping our lives.

We all want to experience joy and happiness in our lives and not want to face difficult times. But, whether we like it or not there is no escaping the ravages of time as the lessons must be learnt. The objective of human evolution must be met.

So, this then is destiny that keeps changing the scenes in the drama of life. Destiny is fuelled by our prarabdha or the consequences of our past actions.

While destiny is the happening of events, freewill is how we deal with these events. Each individual has been given freewill to react and respond to the dictates of destiny. The reaction and response further creates the future prarabdhas. So, how we respond is of utmost importance in the karmic wheel that prompts life on this planet.

But, the Master says that freewill is not merely to be exercised in our reaction and response to destined events but also for choosing to act in our daily life.

Wisdom gained through lessons learnt is of no value if it is not practiced in life. Wisdom not lived in daily life is like undigested food. It is mere knowledge. It won’t change anything for you.

One needs to be like the lead sheep that moves ahead in the direction that the shepherd wants the herd to travel. The lead sheep knows what it must do and does not wait for a rebuke, stick or barking dog to remind what it must do. This insight and understanding of what needs to be done without any motivation or prompting is what truly is freewill.

Love, Light and Gratitude

Vikas Varma