A Void

19 March 2019 Devotion eternallove Sanathana Vani Vikas Varma

As the illusory nature of the world is becoming more and more evident a systematic withdrawal is naturally taking place. With every passing day, the detachment is growing. Earlier, detachment required effort and now being interested requires conscious effort.

Everything appears to be a big drama caused by the incessant chain of cause and effect. Your reactions and responses keeps creating your future thus keeping you trapped in the drama. Everything seems to be a charade.

Both the dream state and the waking state have become identical. Each time I end up doing something, instead of feeling satisfied I feel hollow. The sense of accomplishment is temporary. It seems there is nothing more left to cling on to. I experience a deep sense of emptiness or nothingness. This is what the scriptures refer to as ‘Shunyata’ or the void.

Now or this moment is all that matters. The past is like a clean slate. The future seems to have integrated with the present. Nowhere to go and nothing to do. Devoid of doer-ship, I deal with this illusion of cause and effect in choice less awareness. Waiting patiently for the scene to change in the drama. Ready always to play the next role. 

I am a guest in this impermanent world staying in a guest house with just a handful of belongings. I belong nowhere yet I have a home everywhere. I am ready to move at an instants notice.

I have a vision that carries me through. I know deep in my heart that one day, in the near future, we shall all live together as One. A One Universal Family knitted together by the warp and weft of love. In the end, all insecurities and negativity shall dissolve in love and brotherhood. Only love shall prevail.

As of now, I wake up each day and look for opportunities to share and spread love. Those little interactions of sharing a smile, a loving hand on someone’s shoulder, running an errand, cooking for friends, inquiring about other’s welfare, guiding someone, etc. makes the day worthwhile. There is peace, contentment and contemplation. 

Love and Light 
Vikas Varma