A Choice to Make

4 April 2019 Sanathana Vani Vikas Varma

The churning has well and truly begun. All that belongs to the past has no place in the future. All thoughts, desires, judgements, negativity, etc that have been carried from the past must be released. We have carried this unwanted baggage for far too long. It has largely been responsible for our repeated births and lifetimes.

The new Golden Age is rapidly approaching. The present time is the period of transition and preparation for welcoming the Age of Love and Truth. And, you simply cannot enter the Golden Gates with the baggage of the past. It must be left behind.

It is indeed quite challenging to let go off our attachment to our thoughts and beliefs. However, the planetary vibrations are changing the individual and collective circumstances whereby we are being forced to acknowledge the turmoil within.

The great churning for the nectar of immortality has well and truly begun. This time it’s not happening between the Devas(Angels) and the Asuras(Demons)outside but between the Devil in the Mind and the Angel in the Heart of man.

This is the moment of truth. We all have a choice to make. Either to hold on to the past and perish or to move unencumbered into the golden future. It is recommended to offer the unwanted old thoughts into the Fire of Wisdom (Trikuti) for purification. Heal the old wounds with love and forgiveness. Remember, the heart only knows the language of Love.

The Golden Age is the Age of Love – Selfless Love. It is the age of the Heart and not the Mind.

As the great poet, Rabindranath Tagore envisioned for us to give up the dreary desert sands of dead habit… where tireless striving stretches its arm towards perfection… Into that heaven of freedom let my Country awake…

Love and Light

Vikas Varma

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